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Lost your Data? We can get it back!

Data loss, crashed hard drive, damaged CD, bad camera memory? We can get your data back!
In the world of computers, nothing is as important as your data. After a data loss, the costs and hassles to recreate the data can be enormous. Re-entering or recreating data can take excessive amounts of time, effort, and money.

Fortunately, in most cases there is a solution. CTE Computer Data Recovery Masters can restore your crashed hard drive, corrupted files, damaged CD, erased digital camera memory, or dead disk. We process most drives and operating systems.

Full confidentiality assured and drives are processed immediately upon receipt at our offices. To submit your drive for data recovery, click here.

Expert Hard Drive and Data Recovery

 Expert Hard Drive and Data Recovery

Data Recovery Masters, a division of CTE Computer, has helped companies and individuals across the country. No matter where you are, we are close to you via UPS and FedEx. Let us get your data back up and running fast. 

Data Recovery Masters has been recovering computer data for years. Our recovery techs have some of the best experience in the business.

Your data is kept confidential and secure. The recovered data is not shared or released to anyone other than you.

With some of the best pricing in the business, Data Recovery Masters, offers you the lowest cost recovery available. You are charged actual cost for your specific recovery job, not maximum possible price as other services charge. Call for pricing details.

Forensic Recovery.
Court admissible Forensic data recreation of electronic evidence.

Expert Hard Drive and Data Recovery

Still have questions?
Call our Data Recovery Experts at (562) 421-7105.

Check out the FAQ for answers to common questions regarding the data recovery process. Full Drive Submission instructions are here.


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"Our business was literally unable to operate without our computers. We were unable to serve all of our clients. CTE Data Recovery Masters restored our data in one day and we were up and running again."

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